Who Can He Be?

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This is the latest film by director David Rolfe, who returns to the subject of the Turin Shroud, which was the focus of his 1978 BAFTA award winning documentary, The Silent Witness. In the years since then, the reputation of this revered Christian relic has been severly damaged by the result of a radiocarbon dating test in 1988, which delivered the verdict that the Shroud was a medieval forgery dating from the period 1260 to 1390 AD. However, there is a catalogue of less well-publicised scientific and historical evidence that contradicts this claim. Who Can He Be? outlines several reasons why the result of the controversial C-14 test should not be trusted and profiles some of the remarkable scientific research which has led many to the conclusion that this sacred cloth was the burial shroud of Jesus Christ.

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Please be aware that the film contains brief visual references to Roman crucifixion practices.

Public Screenings

In response to requests from several churches, producer David Rolfe has also agreed to allow public screenings of Who Can He Be? These have been extremely well received by church congregations with the testimonial below illustrating the positive impact that this film has had on those who have viewed it.

An Evening to Remember

"Our parish community was tremendously blessed as we gathered to view a special screening of Who Can He Be? We had over 100 attendees and the conclusion of the film was met with enthusiastic applause. As the humble organizer, I was surprised at how many people approached me afterwards to say, “thank you,” and express sentiments of appreciation for the faith-affirming message this film brings. I continue to receive positive feedback and questions from viewers like, “This is fantastic! Why haven’t we heard this before?” and “We need to let people know about this!” Indeed we do. I would heartily encourage church congregations all over the world, no matter what denomination, to view and promote Mr. Rolfe’s new film, Who Can He Be?"

Steven Braatz, MD Janesville, California

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Both purchase options for Who Can He Be? come with a generous amount of bonus material, giving a total running time of 326 minutes. This bonus features include the films listed below.
The Bafta and multi-award-winning film that opened the Shroud’s casket along with its secrets for the first time.
Acclaimed journalist, Rageh Omar, interrogates the life’s work of Dr John and Rebecca Jackson.
The film commissioned by Turin and written by Ian Wilson to commemorate the Shroud’s official expositions.
53 minutes, 1978.
59 minutes, 2008.
47 minutes, 2010.
This film goes directly to the heart of the C14 problem and recommended for anyone who wants a distilled assessment of the issue.
Narrated by James Phelps. Co-produced by Pam Moon.
Michael Kowalski’s brilliant analysis of the C14 saga. Using delightfully simple graphics and impeccable logic he reveals the catalogue of errors, compromises and, ultimately, obfuscations employed to provide a semblance of credibility to the whole exercise..
27 minutes, 2016.
39 minutes, 2019.

Although English is the language used throughout the film Who Can He Be?, subtitles are available in several languages including:

  • Deutsch (German)
  • Español (Spanish)
  • Français (Franch)
  • Italiano (Italian)
  • Deutsch (German)
  • Nederlands (Dutch)
  • Norsk (Norwegian)
  • Português (Portuguese)
  • Eλληνικά (Greek)
  • Русский (Russian).

To use this feature when streaming the film, click on the ‘CC’ button displayed on the play bar at the foot of the screen and select your language preference.

English subtitles are also available for those who are hard of hearing.

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